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In 2011, I had the opportunity to live in Mexico City for eight weeks with a host family, learn conversational Spanish, Mexican culture, and do missionary work with children at a Compassion International site led by my host family.  I lived with an American roommate who was also my teammate for the summer.  My short term mission trip was highly influential to my outlook on life and my own personal spiritual journey.  The aesthetics of Mexico City vary between structured stone historic districts, bright and bold commercial districts, and the outskirts (or "afueras") of invitingly painted concrete and cement.   The colors were just as inviting as the people I met--people I left saying, "hasta luego" (see ya later), because the connections ran so deep that I wish to return again.  Responding to the aesthetics and relationships of Mexico, I painted two watercolor paintings.  I also entered a "Paint a Plug" competition, and painted a fire hydrant in Uptown Harrisburg as a "Mexican Plug," winning third place in the competition.  My experience in Mexico has forever left a mark on my heart.

Assorted Views of Mexico City

Street views of Tultitlan, Districto Federal, and the children I worked with at the Compassion International site

Mas de Mil Palabras

Watercolor on Paper

16 x 22 inches

El Districto Federal

Watercolor on Paper

10 x 12 inches

Mexican Plug

Latex Paint on Fire Hydrant


Won 3rd place for Uptown Harrisburg's "Paint a Plug" contest

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