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In the spring of 2011, Harrisburg's Uptown Food Market management contacted myself and painter friend Allison Mushalko to commission an 11 x 70 foot sized mural for the 3rd Street side of the grocery store.  We jumped on the opportunity, researching painting processes, mural supplies, and installation techniques from other mural programs and professionals.  Completing the mural in a short month and a half, we learned a lot about mural work, and were very proud of our efforts.  The community loved the outcome, and the mural lasted a few years before the building changed ownership.

Allison and I continued our own separate mural making in the areas we lived (she was commuting and working remotely on pieces for the Uptown Food Market mural).  I also created a fun community mural during Kipona Arts Festival on the Riverfront in Harrisburg over Memorial Day 2011. My favorite mural project so far has been a 7 year old's bedroom--complete with sharks, coral, and seaweed (and he even  helped!).  A tremendous honor was creating murals for The Bridges at Bent Creek Senior Living Community in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania.


Uptown Food Market

UV Protected Paint with Outdoor Varnish on Muslin

69 x 11 feet


Private Commission

"The People Next To You"

Community Mural Project with BARAK, Inc. in Harrisburg's Kipona Arts Festival,  Memorial Day Weekend

UV Protected Paint on Parachute Fabric


Artist Competition and Community Art Event

Compassion Mural

Spray paint on Aluminum


Leslie Medrano and I painted this mural at the Compassion International site we volunteered at in Tultitlan, Districto Federal, Mexico City, Mexico

(We spent the summer learning conversational Spanish, Mexican culture, and doing missionary work with children)

Luke's Room

House Paint on Bedroom Walls

Underwater Adventure land as desired by Luke and approved by Mom


Private Commission

The Seasons Tree

House Paint on Wall, Watercolor on Paper Fall Leaves

5 x 7 feet


Hand painted tree including leaves painted by Seasons (those with early Alzheimer's and Dementia) residents


















































Garden Door Entrance

House Paint on Door



































Garden Door Exit

House Paint on Wall and Door







































Spa Mural 

House Paint on Wall


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